Welcome to Pizza Hut MyView

This website allows Managers to input Starters, Leavers and Changes and Employees to view and change personal details and to view their payslips.

To use this website you must sign in using your Employee Number and Password. Random personal questions may also be asked in the interest of security. These questions will be pre-set by yourself as a first time user.

To Sign In...

When asked for your Employee Number, this must be entered as seven digits, so 0123456

When asked for your Date of Birth this must be entered as DD/MM/YYYY

When asked for your National Insurance number, this must be entered as AC000000C entering the letters as CAPITAL letters

When setting your Security Questions, please remember that these are case sensitive so if you enter Phillip as your Father?s first name, each time you are asked this question you must enter Phillip as your answer, not phillip or PHILLIP

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